When creativity strikes

Nikon D850 + Nikon 70-200mm f/4 G. 1/160 @ f/4 iso 200

It’s hard to know when the creative mood will strike, like this morning for instance. I had some dental work done yesterday (I am not a fan of the dentist or doctors in general) and the procedure required a bit more being done than I hoped for when I first walked in. So when all was said and done I was prescribed some pretty strong pain meds and told don’t drive or operate machinery while using said medication. So I ended up taking a second day off of work and after taking my every 4-6 hour dosage of meds I ended up sleeping for an hour. When I woke I decided that I was feeling pretty good (albeit I was feeling a bit guilty of not going into work because I felt so good), the sun was shining and my little voice of creativity said to me… “HEY! Get up from the couch you dope, there is some nice light outside and you’re feeling good, so go get your camera and get a few backyard shots”! Well, my first clue should have been when I slept for an hour, but NO, I grabbed the camera and went outside. Whew… I only lasted a few minutes as I was wobbly and decided that I needed to sit down. Then began the fun part of editing this shot. It was hard to focus on what I wanted to do and even now I am not sure how good it is because I still have brain fog.

So the lesson here is tell that stupid little voice of guilt to shut up the next time you decide to take a day off of work and enjoy sitting around turning your brain to mush watching videos on your tablet. 😉