About Me

I am a professional photographer residing in Gore, Virginia. I had photographed over 200 weddings in an almost 10 year span before walking away from wedding photography in late ’08. I decided to move away from one style of photography and into what had interested me into ever picking up a camera in the first place, Landscape, Scenic, and Travel Freelance Photography.
It was 20 years ago (as of Sept 2010) when I first stepped foot through the doors of a few college photography courses. Obviously those were the pre-digital days and I learned about photography with a fully manual camera. Also in those classes I learned how to shoot with film, process the film, and print images in a darkroom. I also learned how to present those images and give good critique as well as learning to accept it too.

And along the way I also learned a little Photographic History while I was there which has helped to serve me well over the years.  
I have taught myself Digital Photography while applying the same basics that were taught to me through those college courses.  A digital camera is still a camera which captures the light the same way. The real breakthrough is how the darkroom had changed. Now we use a computer and Photoshop (or other editing programs) to edit our images instead of a negative and enlarger.
I respect the art that is photography and the history of those who made it what it is today. I also believe in the continuing education of photography. We live in a digital world where we have new hardware, software and artistic/photographic styles coming out nearly every week which gives us the ability to unlock our deepest visions and create images that only a few short years ago could only be imagined. Even with all of the technology and wonderful cameras we have at our fingertips, for me the one thing that either makes or breaks an image is COMPOSITION. If you ever chat with me, the one thing I will always say is “Composition is the foundation to any image. If you want to learn to be a photographer you must first learn composition”. 

So here on my blog I want to pass along my knowledge and help others with their own photographic passion in the same manner that I learned and that I apply to my own work. I will inform in a manner that anyone can follow along with. I believe in keeping things simple. I concentrate more on application and fully understanding why and how things work instead of details that really are nice to know but just get in the way.

–Michael Besant


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